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International Zoom Conferences

General information about the annual conferences

  • Participation is free, but it is subjected to registration. The deadline for registration will be announced in due time.
  • Please indicate your intent to participate to Eszter Gselmann by giving your full name, affiliation and e-mail address.
  • The conference is to be held with the aid of the Zoom video conferencing program .
  • The duration of every talk is at most 20 minutes, which is followed by a discussion of at most 5 minutes.
  • There are no breaks between the talks within a session, therefore the schedule of the individual talks is only approximative.
  • Speakers cannot inherit time from the previous talk.
  • The time saved by shorter talks can be devoted to problems and remarks at the end of the session.
  • If you have special wishes concerning the schedule, you are welcome to consult the conference secretary, Eszter Gselmann.
  • The hosts of the conference are: Department of Analysis of the University of Debrecen; Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics.

Information about ZOOM

  • It is necessary to have the Zoom application on your computer or other devices that you use.
  • It is possible to use Zoom with a smartphone or a tablet, but for invited speakers we strongly recommend to connect with a PC or with a laptop.
  • On this platform the speakers will be able to share the file of their talk, and at the same time participants can see the speaker in a small window next to it. Therefore it is preferable to use the pdf/word version of their presentation like at an ordinary conference. Furthermore, the file of the talk is not needed to be sent to the organizing committee.
  • A couple of days before the conference a link will be sent to the participants.
  • You are invited to join a preliminary meeting to try the Zoom platform via the corresponding link. The exact date will be announced in due time.
  • Upon request of the speaker, it is possible to make a recorded video about his/her talk. This will be sent directly to the speaker afterwards. Such a request should be sent by email to Gergely Kiss, before the talk.

Should you have any questions about Zoom, please feel free to contact Gergely Kiss who is in charge of the technical details of the conference.

Members of the Organizing and Scientific Committee: